Glasgow Open House Arts is a small, not-for-profit group which celebrates Glasgow’s vibrant, insightful and industrious culture. We do this by inviting it’s residents to present art, music, and performance in their homes, at our biennial Arts Festival!

Anyone who’d like to get involved can apply to present something - emerging and established artists, performers, those working outside of mainstream arts, as well as local organisations and groups operating in Glasgow.

We see the festival as an ideal chance for people at all stages of their artistry to get involved and get some positive feedback on their creative endeavours. We’ve found the format of the festival brings communities together, creating opportunities and situations where participants meet new people, get to know their surrounding area, and connect with some of their neighbours.

We programme and facilitate the festival, whilst most of the events and exhibitions are generously hosted by those that apply. We offer support and guidance to participants, and connect people and organisations.

Our Outreach directly engages groups who might not get involved through our standard application process, and we make an effort to identify elements of the festival where there is room for others to participate and learn.

This year, we’re working with two fantastic organisations based in Glasgow: The Coach House Trust and Project Ability. We will be creating joyful, colourful and characterful “way-finders”, which will be used during the festival weekend to mark the venues which house an exhibition or event.

Glasgow Open House is founded on a collaborative spirit, where altogether we achieve a lot. Throughout our Outreach and our festival programming, we approach other Glasgow-based organisations whose work we admire and respect, to work with them or otherwise learn from them.

During the festival, we run “art walks” where small groups are taken round a trail of exhibitions. You will be able to find more information about these, and book free tickets, closer to the time of the festival.


Anna and Zoe

For general enquiries

Anna and Zoe work together to make costumes, set designs and facilitate creative workshops. They set up 'The Garret' artists studio together in 2015, which has been used as the organisational hub for the Glasgow Open House Arts Festival 2017 team.


Anna Crilly


Anna graduated from Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art. She now studies Fashion Design & Manufacture alongside Millinery at college. Anna makes fabric flowers and costumes and other things. www.annacrilly.co.uk

Zoe Pearson


Zoe is a freelance artist, designer-maker-fabricator, administrator - a jack of all trades and master of some. She devises and leads creative workshops, makes prints, draws and works collaboratively with a wide range of practitioners. www.zcpearson.com

El Paul


El is a Glasgow based artist working in predominantly in sculpture. After graduating in art and media from djcad in 2015 she now works as an art tutor at the Coach House Trust - a social inclusion charity based in the West end of Glasgow. El is a Capricorn, she enjoys long walks and salt and vinegar crisps. cargocollective.com/elepaul

Sonia Hufton


Sonia is an artist living and working in Glasgow. She graduated from Painting and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art in 2014 and has been a practicing artist in the city since. She enjoys getting involved in making different artist led projects happen and letting people know about them! As well as marketing the festival this year, Sonia has been involved in helping facilitate the Project Ability flag workshops. cargocollective.com/soniahufton

Jemma Hatherill

Events and Fundraising

Jemma is an events organiser, DJ and music producer based in the southside. She has been planning and hosting radio shows, parties, pop ups, fundraisers and festivals in and around Glasgow for more than 6 years, as well as being involved in projects in Ghana (the Green Door Studios cultural exchange program) and Palestine (the Lajee Centre). Her work focusses on ideas of intersectionality, representation and accessibility. She is currently working on future projects in collaboration with Roof Garden Records and Sgaia Vegan Meats.

Sean Mulvenna


Sean Mulvenna is an illustrator, and this is the second time he's done designs for the festival. Other things he's done are at www.seanmulvenna.co.uk

Liam Fogerty

Web Development and IT

Liam is a freelance web developer, artist and designer living in Glasgow. He has worked with Glasgow Open House Arts Festival helping them produce their websites and general IT services since its beginning. He is also a maker of analog/digital interactions and curiosities. www.everyoneselectronic.co.uk


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