All Done Up Like A Kitchen Bed

Venue 07

Flat 2/1, 309 Great Western Road, G4 9HR

Disabled access - No


Calum MacGillivray - Jordan Hunter - Lotte Fisher

"All done up like a kitchen bed" is a Glaswegian phrase meaning to dress oneself carefully and neatly. Traditionally, tenement alcove beds were kept ready at all times, in case guests should arrive unexpectedly.


As well as providing extra sleeping space, alcove beds often functioned as play rooms for children. In the dark of the alcove, behind the drawn curtain, the cramped space could become a ship at sea or a palace towering over an exotic city.


This exhibition explores play and imagination in the home. Drawing on the rich history of Glasgow and the fearless creativity of childhood, Lotte Fisher, Jordan Hunter and Calum MacGillivray present a colourful installation of strange structures and peculiar characters.

Opening times:

Saturday 29th April/Sunday 30th April/Monday 1st May - 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM