Venue 41

Laurieston Arena, 101 Gorbals St, Glasgow, G5

Disabled access - Yes


Babaloose - Bart Waltz

In 1780, Kilmarnock Council (now in East Ayrshire) paid Robert Fraser 2 shillings & 6 pence for 'Dressing a Maypole'. This was one of the last recorded examples of the festival rite of the first of May in Scotland, following an Act of Parliament immediately after the Reformation in 1560 making the practice taboo.

237 years later, 21 miles north and admittedly, a few days ahead of the May the 1st, we plan to revive the tradition in order to open this years GOH festival.

The ma
ypole is the quintessential dance for uncertain times. A ritual for strengthening and bringing together a community in the face of great odds. At 6:00 PM on the 28th of April both Babaloose and BART WALTZ will join together in song and dance at the Laurieston Arena. In order to thank all the artists involved in the GOH 2017 programme and kick off the festival weekend the right way. The performance will be followed by a musical procession up to the Laurieston Arches where exhibitions and events will continue.

This is a free event, and open to everyone.

Opening times:

Friday 28th April - 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM