KEIR STREET KITCHEN: Under New Management

Venue 44

Flat 1/1, 19 Keir Street, G41 2NP

Disabled access - No


Elizabeth Hudson - Marija Nemcenko - Rowan Markson

KEIR KITCHEN. Under New Management 

If you liked Keir Street Kitchen 2015 you’ll LOVE Keir Street Kitchen 2017! Spicier, saucier and meatier, you’ll go bananas for it! Join us for a day of food, passion and heat.

From a spicy chilly haze to bold potato flavours, we will explore food culture both directly and metaphorically whilst looking at its’ history and symbolism.

A day of events and interventions including: a steamy dinner date with spicy film screening; a mouth-pleasing workshop on the history and peculiarities of fake bacon; a moist study of the pomegranate’s rise as a forbidden fruit of Eden; hard-soft in-out brass Brexit bananas and a mouth-watering selection of Keir Street’s nooks and crannies, well stuffed.


12-5pm: fake bacon workshop, pomegranate ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and installations (drop-in)

7:30pm: ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ meal and film (free but ticketed).

Opening times:

Sunday 30th April - 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM