Processual Walls and Fluffy Balls

Venue 45

Flat 2/2, 44 Herriet Street, G41 2JY

Disabled access - No


Madeleine Hope-Fraser and Jack McCombe

The Hope-Fraser/McCombe collaboration seeks to look inwards upon the processual nature of making. Taking the notion of Equifinality as a starting point (entailing an arrival at a singular end state through various possible pathways), the pair offer their own interpretation of this concept through an experiment, seeking to highlight the differences/similarities in their creative approaches where utilising materials they are both equally drawn to.

The findings of this investigation will be communicated in the form of various visual and audible recordings, presented through the use of multi-channel projections and sound bites, ultimately attempting to immerse the viewer within a state of process and variability itself. These recordings, made prior to the festival, will depict a week-long installation/build in the same space as the exhibition itself, where their dialogue and treatment of the chosen materials will be placed into focus and documented.

During this preliminary project, the artists will see the living room of a southside tenement flat become a scene of fluidity and play where they will attempt to alter the configuration of the materials and space each day for one week. The pair will pay particular attention to the point at which their individual interests overlap while at the same time drawing from their shared experiences in the time since they decided to begin working together (soft sculpture will also accompany the audio/video and pay homage to this element of the collaboration). While doing so, the artists will attempt to document these particular interactions, compiling detailed instances of discourse, physical making and change. 

The work presented during the festival will utilise these recordings to place the viewer within the essence of this process.


Opening times:

Saturday 29th April/Sunday 30th April/Monday 1st May - 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM