Reflections; From the Toilet Bowl

Venue 21

Flat 6/1, 165 Hill Street, Glasgow, G3 6UQ

Disabled access - Yes


Klarissa B Webster

Plenty of coffee/tea and biscuits will be served, a "social table" in the corner with seats that has "social" games; ice breakers -that will either invoke discussion with others or make things more awkward, sofa with a table of books available to read - that were used in my research or gave inspiration to my work, a table of my research and sketchbooks and a few larger drawings hanging up on the wall. This is all presented as a sort of visual representation of a scatter brain with a short attention span.

There is contention (a contention realised from reading my personal bible, Critchley's In Humour) that humour, particularly satire, is to reveal an unfortunate or strange truth about a shared society/world/practice; then presenting it under a new light, to exaggerate our strange behaviour and psychology, to laugh at the self, yet also to simultaneously acknowledge our rather ridiculous reality. The creatures in my drawings are a representation of one uninhibited and unbound by the practices of this social world- I like to call them goblins; the one that exposes the folly of humankind.

The exhibition is open-ended in such a way, it is still on-going; it is a public display of my creative process, a rambling that will hopefully end up somewhere. 

Opening times:

Saturday 29th April/Sunday 30th April/Monday 1st May - 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM