Venue 08

Flat 2/1, 31 Barrington Drive, G4 9DS

Disabled access - No


Fnuf - Jo Foster - Martina Alberi - Sam Mwiraguzu - Sorcha Fitzgerald - Stella Phipps - Zenga the Titan

Roots celebrates nature and draws visitors into an immersive environment, through visual art and live musical performances.

Viewers will experience a surreal journey as they navigate this space and discover layers of meaning and interaction through storytelling. We will explore how roots connect to each other and form dynamic networks, re-imagining how their form is reflected elsewhere and within ourselves. How can we feel rooted within an ever-changing World? We aim to ‘speak’ to the viewer on different levels and open up meaningful conversations on identity and our relationship to our surroundings. Roots relates to our collaboration, where diverse art-forms come together to grow and flourish!

This will be a place where strangers and friends meet, a place of inspiration and creative, cultural exchange… Responding to the Open House ethos, we will welcome visitors into our home and take them on a journey. We look forward to being part of this grassroots, ‘do-it-yourself’ festival, which is open and accessible to all. It will be exciting to re-imagine the idea of the home, transforming it into a vibrant hub of creativity. Our work will be dynamic and interactive, where audiences have the chance to meet the artists, hear live music, and get involved with the musical ‘freestyle’.

Live music will take place in the afternoons, from 2- 6pm everyday.

Opening times:

Saturday 29th April/Sunday 30th April/Monday 1st May - 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM