The Unexpectitect

Venue 46

Flat 1/1, 138 Darnley Street, G41 2SX

Disabled access - No


Chloe Fawcett

The Unexpectitect explores the narrative qualities of the Glasgow tenement through a range of lovingly handcrafted pieces. Using papercrafts, silversmithing and prints, the collection combines the precision of architectural models with the detail and character of dollshouses. Recognizing the tenement as an important artefact of the City's social and architectural history, the exhibition examines the interface between interior and exterior, public and private to celebrate of the minutiae of daily domestic life.

The pieces are anthologies of Glasgow homes; joyous and human, anecdotal and intimate. Celebrating interiors filled with furniture, decoration and mess, the exhibition sits somewhere between craft and art. Reflecting on tenements from within one, visitors will be encouraged to leave their own response – a doodle, scrap-model or piece of origami to help furnish one of the ‘dollshouses’ exploring what home means to them.

Opening times:

Saturday 29th April/Sunday 30th April/Monday 1st May - 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM