Tokyo to Glasgow: An introduction into Hyperart Thomasson in Glasgow

Venue 33

63 West Princes Street, G4 9BS

Disabled access - No


Harriet Morley

In 1970's Tokyo, artist Genpei Akasegawa began to notice architectural objects around the city which, though carefully maintained, served no apparent purpose, aesthetic or otherwise. They called these objects 'Thomassons'. Through a series of magazine articles, Akasegawa exhorted the Japanese public to seek out, photograph, and send in reports about the Thomassons they found. The result was a popular participatory art exploration that went on to become a cult hit in Japan. I now want to bring Hyperart Thomassons to Glasgow.

This walking tour around the city will highlights and investigate the concept of 'Thomassons'. The term 'Thomassons', coined by Japanese artist Genpei Akasegawa describes defunct and useless relics or structures that have been preserved as part of the built environment, and aesthetically maintained. The walk aims to find the hidden monuments as well as show the unnoticed sculptural gems of the city and to share and discuss them! Throughout the tour I will explain the terminology of 'Thomassons' and its context within Contemporary Art. We will travel from the city centre and the tour will last around two hours finishing with refreshments and continuing discussion. Every participant will be issued a Thomasson report sheet to document their findings.

Please note :The tour will be audio recorded for documentation purposes as well as transcribed for further work. All participants will be anonymous in transcript. 

Starting at 12.00pm on Sunday afternoon. Starting location TBC. Please wear weather appropriate clothing. 

Opening times:

Sunday 30th April - 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM